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Historical shipyard from the time of the tall ships 


Welcome to Bratteklev Shipyard at Tromøya, just outside Arendal. The maritime heritage of the southern region of Norway is rich. Since the 16th century the sailing routes from and past these shores has been closely knit to international trade and the European urban centers. The export of timber and iron was of great value and ensured rapid growth for a city like Arendal. 

For the people of the region, work at sea was an important source of income. Most boys would go to sea at some time in life, and the knowledge and competence they brought back was a significant factor in the development of the society and economy. 

In this setting, Bratteklev Shipyard was established in 1868. Fourteen ships were built on the outdoor bedding here; 8 sailing ships (mostly three-masted barques), 5 steam-powered ships. The yard saw activity during some 50 years that was very decisive to technological development in maritime history. 

Today the shipyard lies quiet; as window to distant past 

that tell us about craftsmanshiptechnological 

development, the industrialization in the 19th century, the conditions of workers, the tools they used and the knowledge they possessed. Little is touched since production stopped in 1924, and the shipyard gives an authentic glimpse of life at the turn of a period.

Bratteklev Shipyard is open to visitors that want to see the historic buildings and learn more about maritime history. The museum is open tue - wed - thur from 12-15 (tours start at 1230) during June, July and August, and guided tours in English are available upon request. Tickets are sold directly and online. Contact through the form below for more information. 



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